The MC Part 4 - The Davidical Pattern for Hip-Hop

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It's called "The MC" and it officially stands for "Master Constructor" (like Paul and all the apostles are Master Builders), but it is actually a term we use in hip hop as "Master of Ceremonies", "Microphone Commander", "Mic Controller" or "Moving the Crowd." What it also means personally to me is "Messiah Christ" the original MASTER of CEREMONIES who said LET THERE BE LIGHT! He is the original MASTER CONSTRUCTOR of the universe and Church.

"The MC" - (Master Constructor) - Laying a New Foundation for Hip-Hop Music.

This is Part 1 using the Life of King David (the Lord's Psalmist) to show how Hip-Hop (and ALL music genres) should be structured and ordered in corporate worship. I also give some of my personal experience with Hip Hop and dealing with it in the church.

The Spirit has literally being doing all the work. That's why I am so surprised at what has been written.

Some of the topics range from the history of Hip hop, the original of all music back at creation, the seven major callings on my life. There's going to be all kinds of things in here. I am so excited! I hope you love it!