The MC Part 6 - Marriage And Single Life

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"The MC Part 6 - Marriage And Single Life eBook", though the 6th book in the series, it is actually the 2nd Stone or Foundation laid in the heart of the believer by Apostle Ricardo Butler/ReAsOn DiSciPLe the Master Constructor.

If you are married, the next important relationship is to your spouse. If you are not married, then your other family members should come next.

In this e-Book, Apostle Ricardo Butler shares with the Hip-Hop Community some powerful principles that God has taught him concerning being married and being involved in ministry. I am sure we have all struggled with balance between the two. And Ricardo seems to cut through all that to give you clear principles to help you. Not only that he addresses the single folk with some key revelation to help them cope with being single and to focus on God and Christ!